Woman says she was set up to be robbed at rental property and made emergency exit

Woman says she was set up to be robbed at rental property and made emergency exit
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Houston woman robbed outside her home

A woman claimed she was set up to be robbed while renting a home for a bachelorette party in Austin, Texas.

The TikTok user Callie Bryant (@callie.bryant) took to the platform to share a video of the bachelorette party “emergency evacuating” the home they rented on an online marketplace for vacation rentals similar to the popular Airbnb.

The TikTok video shows that the bachelorette party decided to evacuate to a hotel in the middle of the night after realizing that the doors didn’t lock and the alarm system was dead.

Despite the malfunctions, Bryant said the rental owner didn’t respond when the party reached out to them. Even more worrisome, they say the listing had been removed from the website after they had already arrived.

“Bach party in Austin," the text overlay in the video began.

"Emergency evacuating our [apartment] in the middle of the night, cause we realized we were being set up to be robbed and/or worse when the doors didn't lock, alarm system was dead, owner didn't respond & listing had been taken down :-),” it continued.


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The troubling circumstances could have proved to be dangerous and in the comments, people praised the TikTok user and the group of friends for coming to this smart realization before it was potentially too late.

"Impressive awareness," said one person.

"I’m glad you trusted your instincts," added another.

"Yep. I’m fully back to hotels now. Way too many security risks at these homes plus CRAZY amounts of rules. Not worth it," one said.

"the listing being gone gives me chills, so glad y’all got out of there," commented a TikTok user.

“Every day I learn a new reason that I should be terrified every time I leave my house,” wrote one person.

Many people on the platform have shared their previous horror stories while renting a place.

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