The 'look between x and y on your keyboard' trend explained

The 'look between x and y on your keyboard' trend explained
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There's a meme that's doing the rounds on social media saying to 'look between x and y on your keyboard'.

When you look, there isn't really anything between the two letters that catches the eye, apart from the letter f.

So what exactly does it mean and why do people keep posting it?

It all originates from a meme posted in May 2021 on 4Chan, a simple image-based site where anyone can post comments and share images anonymously.

A meme was posted of a K-On character with the caption 'look between t and o on your'e key bored' (sic).

The letters between t and o on a keyboard are y, u and i, spelling Yui, which is a character in the anime series about girls who form a band through their high school's music club.

X / Twitter user @KeionDaisuki_01 reposted this to show how the trend started.

It's since been turned into snowclone memes, a type of template in which certain words, letters or phrases can be replaced with another to give new and alternative meanings.

In this case, social media users have been using snowclone memes to point out the initial letters of memorable characters, celebrities or public figures or even just joking about it.

Anime fans have been using this to post about Yui themselves, with others saying to look between u and p, showing the initial letters of Izuku and Uraraka's name from the My Hero Academia anime.

But it's also been parodied.

Reddit users have joined in, with one post showing a picture of American actor JK Simmons with the caption 'look between h and l on your keyboard'.

Sure enough, it shows j and k which, when put together, also means 'just kidding'.

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