Some people are hoping memes will get the youth vote to turn up on Thursday

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There are two days left of campaigning in the 2017 General Election.

The polls have narrowed, and what was first seen as a likely Tory landslide is now being seen by some pollsters as anything between a Tory majority victory and possibly a hung parliament.

As we've discussed before, this is in a large part due to the degree with which pollsters have faith in youth turnout.

Those who are finding narrow Tory leads, tend to have faith in a strong youth vote turnout, as they self-report, while those that see gaps in the double digits tend to favour historical tendencies more.

Either way, as Professor John Curtice argued for the Independent, it seems it's up to the youth turnout to determine which election poll is right.

Freelance writer and member of the Twitterati, Abi Wilkinson, recently asked the social network for strategies to get the youth vote out.

Because there's nothing more politically unifying to millennials than a meme.

Abi started the thread...

...and others piled in:

Here's a few extra suggestions:

  • Rating your 'smol doggo' if you bring it to vote
  • Ballots are fidget spinners
  • Polling booth becomes a Me/Inner Me (Kermit hoodie) separation chamber
  • Wendy's gives you nuggets if you cast 18 million ballots
  • Salt Bae personally blesses your ballot
  • Decent wages, training, affordable homes and healthcare free at the point of access.

You're welcome, Labour.

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