Should we make it illegal to lie in Parliament?

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At least tens of thousands of people think we should, anyway.

A new petition-led campaign to make it so by The Revolution Will Be Televised's Jolyon Rubinstein, who once presented chancellor George Osborne with a GCSE maths book and describes himself as a "Bafta-winning pain in the arse", also has the backing of a number of famous faces - including Russell Brand, Professor Green and Jack Whitehall.

Borrowing a gesture from the Make Poverty History campaign, a video published on the petition website shows celebrities clicking their fingers as a representation of each time a politician lies.

They cite the Liberal Democrats going against their promise not to raise tuition fees and the coalition government's slogan of "we're all in this together".

Rubinstein explains on the petition that he does not actually want a law banning lying in Parliament to be passed but rather wants to open a public debate - particularly in light of the current distrust and lack of interest in Westminster politics.

If enough of you sign, it will send a message that we have had enough of broken promises, massaged statistics and the double speak we feel we've been subjected to over the years. Today, less than 1 in 4 people trust MPs. This can't go on.

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You can view the petition on here

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