The room that university students have always dreamed of is finally here

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University of East Anglia students may well have become the envy of their peers across the country this week after the opening of a special sleeping room on campus.

The university says its "nap nook" is the first of its kind on a UK campus, where students have the opportunity to take a 40-minute kip between all those arduous lectures.

Students can "re-charge their batteries" by taking advantage of bean bags, sofa beds, anti-microbial pillows, eye masks and blackout curtains, according to the UEA student union website.

The idea is based on a similar room which is run by the psychology department at James Madison University in the US.

Dr Neil Stanley, an independent "sleep expert" told the Daily Mail that the room was a good idea for students who had spent hours in the library the night before but should not be used as an excuse to have a few extra drinks on a night out.

A short nap can boost your performance by 20 to 25 per cent.

It would be much better for the university to educate their students about the importance of their sleep.

If the students are needing the nap room because they are working hard then I am 100 per cent for that.

  • Dr Neil Stanley

The room is only open from midday until 6pm and is monitored by CCTV. Reservations are compulsory.

And if students want to sleep for more than 40 minutes: "Go home. It’s a nap nook, not a hostel," the university explains.

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