The six greatest musical feuds

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Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins has declared that U2’s latest album, Songs of Innocence, "sounds like a fart". The huge egos of many stars means disharmony is rife in the music industry.

Tupac Shakur vs Biggie Smalls

The rappers acted as the focal point of the bitter East Coast-West Coast hip-hop rivalry of the 1990s. Both were killed in separate drive-by shootings.

Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry


After Perry allegedly poached three of her backing dancers, Swift alluded to an "enemy" who "tried to sabotage an entire arena tour" in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Joe Tex vs James Brown

Tex accused Brown of stealing his stage moves (kicking the mic) and his song - Tex recorded ‘Baby, You’re Right’, which Brown covered to massive sales success.

Blur v Oasis


A chart battle in 1995 sparked years of rivalry; but Blur’s frontman Damon Albarn surprised fans this year when he claimed Oasis were the better band.

Elton John vs Madonna


Elton waged a decade-long feud with the Queen of Pop, during which he branded her a ‘fairground stripper’ and accused her of lip-synching. He apologised in 2013.

Paul McCartney vs Michael Jackson

McCartney was furious when Jackson outbid him to buy the Associated Television Corporation's back catalogue, which includes Beatles tracks, in 1985.

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