These Amazon reviews of the dress are really something

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Shoppers have been giving their verdicts on the dress that divided the world on Amazon. The reviews are really quite something - with many still divided over whether it is white and gold or blue and black.

Here is a selection of some of the best:

The good: Works equally well as formal or business casual attire. The bad: Carves a crooked path through perceptual reality and leaves behind it a wake of confusion and existential crises. Also unforgiving on the hips.

  • DanielWallace

I bought this dress for my wife, and she looks beautiful in it. Funny thing, the other day I saw another woman who looked exactly like my wife, kissing another man. But it couldn't have been my wife because that woman was wearing a white-and-gold dress, and the dress I bought my wife is a blue-and-black one. Whew, I was almost worried for a moment there, haha.

  • DexterDeeDee

Perfect, however, amazon lists the colo[u]r as 'royal blue' when it's clearly white(and gold). Just a heads up.

  • Anongirl

This dress is why I have trust issues.

  • Delta Lauderdale


How many chameleons were killed to make this dress?

  • Jadiecook

One thing that is pretty cool about this dress is that you quickly see how many of your friends are colo[u]r blind.

  • Phoebe

I bought this dress for a party, but I can't tell what colo[u]r it is. Everyone seems to be conflicted. Can anyone help?

  • Brian Podczervinski

This dress is a glitch in the matrix.

  • Collin Phillips

Smells of a marketing stunt

  • I Darwish

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