This woman got a brilliant tattoo to let people know that she's deaf in one ear

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A woman has uploaded a photograph of her tattoo to Imgur and gained praise from scores of users of the site for her ingenuity.

Raingoose explains on the site that she got the tattoo of a muted speaker on the left-hand side of her neck as a reminder to people that she is deaf in that ear.

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Since I'm deaf on one ear I thought this was a friendly to tell the world not talking to me from the left.

Raingoose, whose real name is Elisa, went on to explain that she had been deaf in her left ear since she was young and offered warming advice to another person who feared they were losing their hearing too:

Don't worry. I know - it sucks so bad, but eventually you'll get used to it and it will be a tiny little thing that is a part of you.

Picture: Raingoose/Imgur

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