What people are most likely to give up for Lent is not at all surprising

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Buckle up Cadbury's, it's going to be a rough ride to Easter.

A new survey by YouGov for Homepride has found people are most likely to give up chocolate for Lent.

Ten per cent of UK adults say they'll give up chocolate, while five per cent say they'll ditch alcohol or fizzy drinks.

Funnily enough, 47 per cent of people surveyed said they wouldn't be giving up a single thing and would be eating pancakes regardless.

What a secular, indulgent lot we are!


However, 28 per cent said they wouldn't be eating pancakes at all.

Despite this, half of us will be celebrating pancake day, more than Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year.


The top reason for this being pretty apparent.


Essentially, the hunger for pancakes is real.


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