Why there's a see-through toilet at Glastonbury this year

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The 'loo with a view' (Picture: WaterAid/Ben Roberts)

Not only will people at Glastonbury have to contend with muddy fields, warm beer and hangovers, they might also have to battle against a serious case of stage fright.

International development charity WaterAid has installed a 'loo with a view' at the festival to give a flavour of what life is like for the 2.5 billion people across the globe without a safe, private toilet.

Users of WaterAid's loo will have to take care of business while looking out over the packed Pyramid stage through a two-way mirror.


(Picture: WaterAid/Ben Roberts)

Fortunately, the estimated 175,000 other people at the festival won't be able to see in - although they may enjoy checking themselves out in what WaterAid believes will be one of the only mirrors at the festival.

This installation will allow a brief glimpse into the lives of those who have nowhere safe to go to the toilet and often suffer the indignity of being stared at, harassed or even attacked.

This is an issue that particularly affects women and girls who often have to wait until dark to defecate in the open, making them more vulnerable to abuse.

  • Chris Wainwright, WaterAid

WaterAid will be campaigning at the festival and hopes to collect 40,000 signatures that will call on the government to sign up to support a "dedicated Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation" at the UN General Assembly in September.

Find out more about WaterAid's 'Make it Happen' campaign here.

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