Adriana Chechik still suffering 'chronic pain' more than a year after back break

Adriana Chechik still suffering 'chronic pain' more than a year after back break
Adriana Chechik reveals she was pregnant when she broke her back at …
Adriana Chechik

Former adult star Adriana Chechik is still in chronic levels of pain over a year after breaking her back in a foam pit accident.

Chechik required surgery on her back after breaking it by diving into a foam pit at the Twitch annual convention, TwitchCon, in October 2022.

Footage of the incident went viral at the time, as Chechik could be seen smiling while diving into the foam pit, before landing on her back and immediately being in clear pain.

She yelled to the camera person, “I can't get out” and riled in agony. When asked if she was OK, she shook her head and one person could be heard shouting for a medic.

A year on from the freak accident, Chechik has updated fans on how she’s doing. She admitted that she is still in a lot of pain from the accident.

The Daily Star reports that she explained in an X/Twitter post: “This year, I’ve learned so much about my own strength and will to achieve my goals. I started doing 5 to 6-day-a-week workouts at 7 AM for the past two months.

“I’ve been doing physical therapy seven days a week for close to a year now. I cannot explain how hard it is to motivate yourself every morning when you’re suffering with chronic pain.”

In recent years, Chechik has transitioned away from being an adult performer in favour of live-streaming gaming content and posting on her OnlyFans account.

Despite having surgery, Chechik has ongoing issues with back pain resulting from the accident. But, she explained, she is on the slow road to recovery.

She added: “On top of the back surgery, it caused six herniated discs to my lower spine that offers constant irritation. However, I have pushed through my tears and reached my goal weight. I am well on my way to becoming the healthiest I’ve ever been and having my body be the strongest it’s ever been.”

“I’m praying that every day I get stronger, it’ll be another day in my future I will have less pain. I was told from my physical therapist and doctors that if I can maintain a six-pack, I will be able to support my spine and live with less issues,” Chechik continued.

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