People think Amber Heard is copying Depp's courtroom styles - here's how they compare

People think Amber Heard is copying Depp's courtroom styles - here's how they compare
Amber Heard accused of copying Johnny Depp's look: 'Mind games'

People on social media are starting to think that Amber Heard is copying Johnny Depp's courtroom attire.

Heard, 36, and Depp, 58, were married from 2015 to 2017 and are battling it out in court to discover if The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was defamed by Heard's 2018 Washington Post essay in which she accused him of abuse.

Depp has consistently denied the allegations and is seeking at least $50m in compensation for both his mental health and his career.

He is also seeking $350,000 in punitive damages, including court costs and attorneys' fees.

People on social media quickly drew comparisons between the former couple's outfits. Some asked whether she is trying to get into his head, while others find it peculiar that she's mirroring the actor's attire, even if inadvertently.

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One person said: "I've been watching the Johnny Depp trial and noticed that Amber Heard is mirroring him through outfits. When Johnny wore a gray suit...the next day she wore the same thing. Then he wore a Gucci ensemble, and then she wore it the next day. This is creepy."

They were referring to Depp showing up on April 11, the first day of the trial, sporting a gray suit, Gucci tie with a bee lapel.

The next day, Heard was seen wearing a nearly identically colored getup to the courthouse, and on April 13, she donned a similar tie and bee bauble.

The actress "followed suit" again on April 19 after rocking a similar ponytail to the one her former flame had worn the day before.

"Funny that she's copying him after she said he had no style or class," another person added.

Someone else who shed light on the similar accessories Heard and Depp wrote: "Don't forget the hairstyle and the glasses."

Fashionistas have also gone to TikTok to comment on the exes' clothing. Someone, who goes by @delloliod on the platform posted a video that also pointed out the matching hairstyle.

“Yesterday was the day that Twitter went nuts over Johnny Depp’s ponytail,”@delloliod said.“She walked into court today with this ponytail on her head.”

Heard's attorneys, who are seeking $100 million from Depp for abuse and other damages, shared images Thursday, including a photo of the actor with spilled ice cream in his lap.

On Wednesday, Depp - who claimed that his former love was the aggressor within their relationship - testified about an instance when he and Heard got into an altercation that resulted in him having a severed fingertip.

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