Candace Owens says Ariana Grande has 'daddy issues' for dating 'dweeb' Ethan Slater

Candace Owens says Ariana Grande has 'daddy issues' for dating 'dweeb' Ethan Slater
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Candace Owens has candidly dished her opinion on the Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater dating rumours – and she did not hold back.

The 'Thank You Next' singer recently parted ways with her husband Dalton Gomez after two years of marriage. Since news broke of their separation, rumours surfaced online about Grande dating her West End co-star Ethan Slater, who is also said to be going through a recent breakup.

Lilly Jay, Slater's partner of 10 years and the mother of their one-year-old child, has since broken her silence in an interview with Page Sixabout the pair's alleged romance.

"[Ariana’s] the story really. Not a girl’s girl," Jay told the outlet. "My family is just collateral damage."

Now, on an episode of the Candace Owens Podcast, the conservative commentator and author blasted Grande for being a "fake feminist".

Owens said the first time she heard the story about the pair dating, she responded that she "obviously has daddy issues."

"It's abundantly clear Ariana Grande has daddy issues," she continued. "She likes to pursue men that are in stable relationships, she likes to rip those relationships apart and it feels to me that there's obviously something that is plaguing her from her childhood."

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She went on to suggest that young women need father figures, otherwise, they become a "disaster in society."

Owens said she is not just attacking Grande – but also "dweeb" Slater.

"This is the first time that a girl that he thinks is way above his weight class here, 'oh my god, Ariana Grande is looking at me' and he has completely lost his mind," she said, before calling him a "weak man."

"He allowed one girl to take a glance at him and he ruined his entire life," Owens continued.

Owens suggested that the pair would not last...

"The high for [Grande] is breaking up the relationship. She's not going to stay with him because he's already committed to divorcing his wife, so the game is over for her," she added.

Indy100 reached out to Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater's reps for comment.

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