Ashton Kutcher branded as 'rudest celebrity ever' by Sharon Osbourne

Ashton Kutcher branded as 'rudest celebrity ever' by Sharon Osbourne
Sharon Osbourne slams Ashton Kutcher as rudest celebrity she's ever met: 'Dastardly …
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Sharon Osbourne has candidly shared the rudest celebrity she has ever encountered – and people are stunned by her claim.

Sharon and her daughter Kelly appeared on E! News on Thursday (7 September) where they participated in a game called 'Stir the Pot.'

When asked who the rudest celebrity she ever met was, the 70-year-old didn't hesitate in giving her honest opinion, though she forgot his name.

"The guy that’s married to an actress and he used to do That ‘70s Show," Sharon said in response.

Kelly clarified: "Oh, Ashton Kutcher? Really?"

Sharon didn't stop there. "Yes. Oh rude, rude, rude, rude little boy," she said, before reiterating: "Rude, rude, yes. Dastardly little thing."

Kelly, like most of the E! viewers responded: "I was not prepared for that."

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News soon spread to X/Twitter, with one joking: "Sharon Osbourne called Ashton Kutcher 'a dastardly little thing.' Even when they are insulting people British women sound like are describing a magical cat in some Harry Potter rip-off."

Another said: "I disagree!! Met Ashton Kutcher years ago at a club in Vegas & he was so cool. He even let my friend touch his butt."

While a third commented: "I don’t care how ‘rude’ she thinks he is, I’m on Ashton’s side."

Later they were asked whether they had ever apologised to a fellow celebrity. Kelly said "no", while Sharon confessed to apologising to Justin Bieber.

"I have apologised to him before, and it's Justin Bieber because he did something. And when I was doing another talk show, I said, 'He's really bad, and how can his parents let him do that?' and all that. And I'm like, 'Who am I to say that he's bad? He's a kid. Leave him alone.' And I felt really terrible after saying it, and I felt such guilt," Sharon said.

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