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Former United States President Barack Obama arrived for jury duty in Chicago, Illinois, with a Secret Service detail at the Richard J. Daley Center courthouse.

After less than two hours he was dismissed, and paid $17.20 for his service like all the other potential jurors.

The former President said he would donate the sum to charity.

He shook hands with the other potential jurors shortly after arriving.

Obama is the most recent former President to be called up for jury duty. In 2015 George W. Bush showed up for service in Dallas, while Clinton attended in 2003 in New York.

Both were not selected, like Obama.

Obama was also selected in 2010, but he was President and so was excused. As excuses go, running the country is a decent one.

Donald Trump also did his civic duty in 2015 shortly after declaring his candidacy in August 2015.

He was not selected to sit in the trial.

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