People are sharing excruciating moment Barbara Walters asked Chris Christie why he's fat

People are sharing excruciating moment Barbara Walters asked Chris Christie why he's fat
Barbara Walters, Pioneering TV Journalist, Dead at 93

Barbara Walters, the legendary journalist known for her interviews, died on 30 December at 93 years old.

People online paid tribute to Walters by sharing their favorite interviews she conducted, both insightful and cringy.

This included a 2012 interview with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie where Walters asked a particularly strange question regarding Christie's weight.

"You are a little overweight," Walters said.

Christie responded, "more than a little."

"Why?" Walters asked.

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After Christie told Walters he has not been able to figure out why she asked him if he has ever tried dieting.

"Barbara, I've had more diets and lost and gained back more weight in my lifetime than I care to count," Christie said.

The clip of the interview was posted on Twitter where people reacted with both bewilderment and mockery.

"She’s so out of pocket," a Twitter user said.



"Ok she was a real one for this," another Twitter user said.

"Savage," Mike wrote.

At the time of the interview, Christie was considering running for president. Walters told Christie that many people did not believe he could be president because of his weight.

He called the notion "ridiculous."

Although Walters was known for her outstanding interview style, the Christie interview aged poorly with many believing her question was fat-shaming or sexist.




Walters made strides in journalism by becoming the first female co-host of the Today show and the first female anchor of a network evening news program.

Walters is survived by his daughter Jacqueline Danforth.

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