Bella Hadid reveals vaccination status amid speculation surrounding her absence from the Met Gala

Bella Hadid reveals vaccination status amid speculation surrounding her absence from the Met Gala

At this year’s Met Gala, people couldn’t help but notice the absence of some notable celebrities.

Of course, there are several possible reasons for this - work and scheduling conflicts being one, with another perhaps being that some stars still don’t want to go to big parties. There was also the Met Gala’s strict rule which required guests to prove their vaccination status, receive a negative Covid-19 test and wear a mask at all times unless eating.

Model Bella Hadid was among those missing from the event and her absence led to speculation that she was yet to get the jab.

Fans anticipated the US catwalk star, 24, would attend the biggest night in fashion in New York City on Monday, especially since her sister, fellow model Gigi Hadid, 26, attended, with the siblings usually going to the event together.

She has now answered speculation surrounding her absence by telling her 45.7m Instagram followers that she has been vaccinated.

She posted a photo of herself receiving the Covid-19 vaccine on her stories, captioning the post: “for anyone concerned.”

Hadid attended last attended the Met Gala back in 2019, but was notably absent from this year’s event. Getty Images

Hadid’s younger brother Anwar, 22, made headlines last year after stating that he “absolutely wouldn’t” take the Covid vaccine.

When asked “why are you anti-vaxx” in an Instagram Q&A, the model responded, “Either I just don’t get it or I get it, and god willing heal from it and get antibodies rather than do that process unnaturally. Our bodies are made by the creator to do way more than we think,” Insider reported.

After facing backlash for his comments, Anwar -who like Bella also suffers from Lyme disease - insisted he was not anti-vaxx. In a statement posted on his Instagram story, he wrote: “I’m not ‘anti-vax’ I think everyone has to be careful with each vaccine individually looking at positive and possible negative effects. I have taken vaccines before but as someone who has had a compromised immune system, I want to continue to learn about the many ways I can protect myself and others. Never meant to offend anyone with my words, and I am so grateful for all the frontline workers and doctors and the powerful work they have done during this time,” Grazia reported.

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Meanwhile, the Met Gala’s Covid vaccine requirement put off rapper Nicki Minaj from attending the event.

She revealed she didn’t go because she isn’t vaccinated and prompted a major online backlsh after tweeting an unverified anecdote about her cousin’s friend who she claims was made impotent by the vaccine.

Her tweets even angered politicians and medical experts in the UK. Health Secretary Sajid Javid urged those in the public eye not to spread “untruths” while England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, also had problems with her comments.

The chart-topping star, then trolled her critics in a bizarre voice message posted to Twitter where she mimicked a British accent.

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