People think Ben Affleck is joking about sexual harassment

People think Ben Affleck is joking about sexual harassment

Ben Affleck made a joke that appeared to be about sexual harassment, and people are furious.

Affleck, who publicly condemned his former producer Harvey Weinstein, was accused by Hilarie Burton of sexual harassment in 2003.

Burton alleged that Affleck groped her during an interview for TLR. Affleck has apologised for 'acting inappropriately'.

This week during an interview with MTV, Affleck who stars as Batman in the Justice League franchise, made a remark that has riled some viewers online.

Affleck, alongside the rest of the Justice League main cast, was asked which superhero they would like to see in a sequel.

Affleck suggested Black Canary, because 'It would be good if we could use more women'.

When the hero Zatanna was suggested, he quipped.

The fish nets, right?

Then Affleck was asked;

What would you get up to if you had Super Girl joining the team?

Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in the film franchise, said that it would change the team's dynamic.

Affleck jumped in, laughing;

You following the news at all?

Some viewers have accused Affleck of making a joke about sexual assault.

The actual punchline (or point) of Affleck's quip was not spelled out, but the casts' reaction was to look awkward as hell.

indy100 has approached Mr Affleck's representatives for comment.

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