Rapper Big Boi brings pet owl to music studio

Big Boi, one half of the musical group Outkast, provoked excitement from fans this week for something outside of music.

The American rapper and producer took to his Twitter to unveil a unique interest - bringing his pet owls to Atlanta's Stankonia Studios.

One video, uploaded to the platform on Wednesday (28 September), showed one of his nocturnal pets, Hootie.

Hootie is a Eurasian eagle-owl, who Big Boi told to flap its wings for the internet.

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Another video also published on Wednesday showed Big Boi and his other owls who were perched up near him.

Directly next to him was one of his owls called Tula, who appeared to be a little camera shy.

However, leave it up to the rapper's other Owl, Simon, who was ready for a little photoshoot the two had on Saturday (24 September).

Naturally, fans of the rapper were raving about his pets.

One person wrote: "i love big boi and his owls."

"Never thought I'd see Big Boi with an owl, but somehow I'm not surprised," another added.

A third wrote: "Lizzo with a historical flute. Big Boi with an owl. Someone, please write me this fantasy novel," while a fourth asked, "How can I obtain an owl?"

Check out other reactions below.

This isn't the first time Big Boi has showcased his birds of wisdom.

In a 2019 report from Rolling Stone, the rapper explained that he gained a passion for the birds some years back when his assistant introduced him to an exotic animal trainer, Roy Lau.

When Lau brought some owls by Stankonia, Big Boi fell in love with owls' mythical "wisdom."

"That's when Simon came into the picture," he told the outlet of his first pet owl.

Big Boi is a longtime animal lover and has been a licensed French bulldog and pitbull breeder with his brother for more than 20 years.

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