<p>A reddit user asked if she was right to ‘feel weird’ about her boyfriend sending her a cent-by-cent breakdown of the costs</p>

A reddit user asked if she was right to ‘feel weird’ about her boyfriend sending her a cent-by-cent breakdown of the costs

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Going on a mini-break is a big step in any romantic relationship. It throws your usual habits out the window and can reveal a whole new side to your partner.

This is precisely what happened to one Reddit user, who shared her experiences of planning her first romantic getaway with a new boyfriend.

What she hoped would be a relaxed, low-key stay at an AirBnb, spiralled into an odd accounting exercise.

Posting to the “relationship” subreddit, the writer – named only as “bluemahoon” summarised the issue: “First romantic weekend away with my boyfriend and he sends me a spreadsheet outlining every cost down to the cent that I owe him.

“We are both on decent incomes and I’d have happily transferred him a rounded up amount, or just booked some things each and let it all balance out. Am I right in feeling turned off by this?”

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In the lengthy post, she pointed out that she and her beau had been “exclusively together for three weeks” when they decided to travel to a town just an hour away to enjoy their first weekend break.

She continued: “Although it seems he is excited to go, he was a bit hesitant at first and nervously asked ‘but what if we break up before the trip?

“I found this to be a huge mood killer given we are in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, but I told him that as the trip is only overnight, and relatviely inexpensive (less than $200) it wouldn’t really matter if we just cancelled it if it came to it - or I could take a friend.”

She went on to explain how, when she suggested a nice restuarant for dinner during their trip, he replied that it was “super expensive” and said they should get takeaways instead.

“He then sent me a message explaining how he’d ‘broken down the cost’ of the weekend so he could book the Airbnb, transport tickets and tickets to the tourist attraction. He’d attached a spreadsheet with out names in it, literally breaking down the cost of everything to the cent, with the final add up of everything telling me I owed him $167.99.

“I’m not tight with money at all, and would happily have just given him $200 to cover my share of the weekend, (or booked some things each and let it all balance out) without the need to quibble over minor costs like this.”

She ended by explaining that the unnamed man is an accountant – “so I get that he kinda does spreadsheets for a living” – but, she added: “I’m his new girlfirend going on a romantic weekend away, not a client to send an invoice outlining every cent. It feels so procedural.”

Asking wheter she was “right to feel this weird”, Twitter users were united in their response: yes.

Here are some of their best responses:

Maybe next time he’ll learn to send her flowers, not a spreadsheet.

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