Brian Cox has sweary reaction to BBC interviewer's acting suggestion

Brian Cox has sweary reaction to BBC interviewer's acting suggestion
Succession star Brian Cox claims he has 'no idea' who the Spice …

Brian Cox appeared to channel his Successioncharacter, Logan Roy after he shouted "b*******" during an interview on the BBC.

The 76-year-old played the ruthless patriarch and founder of media company Waystar Royco, known for his sharp tongue and use of swear words - especially to his four children (Connor, Kendall, Siobhan (Shiv), and Roman) who strived to win his affections to became the successor of his media empire.

(Spoilers for season four ahead...)

Viewers of the most recent season were shocked with the plot twist that saw Logan dramatically killed off in the third episode, leaving his four children to fight it to see who will come out on top.

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A particular slogan that became synonymous with Logan was "F*** off!" (there's even an entire compilation of the them throughout the seasons).

Cox noted to Rotten Tomatoes how he gets request from fans "on a regular basis" to say it.

"And I go yeah, that's the easiest thing in the world, f*** off"

Today, Cox's recent interview with Amol Rajan aired on BBC Radio 4's Today programme in which Rajan warned viewers about "a bit of bad language coming up."

At one point, Rajan asked Cox his opinion about whether people need certain experience to play certain roles.

He said: "What about this idea that only actors who have had certain experiences should play certain roles? You mention –"

“Bollocks! Absolute bollocks!" Cox interjected.

"It’s the imagination,” he continued. "It’s again what I talked about earlier on, about interfering with the imagination.”

Safe to say, listeners were thoroughly entertained at Cox's reaction.

Meanwhile, Today programme co-host Nick Robinson later joked about the uncanny likeness between Cox and his Succession character in the clip:

"Just to remind you, that was the actor rather than Logan Roy, although at times you couldn’t exactly tell the difference, could you?"

The finale episode of the final series of Succession called "Wide Open Eyes" will air on Sunday, May 28 on HBO.

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