Charli XCX responds to a baby being named after her on EastEnders

Charli XCX responds to a baby being named after her on EastEnders
New Eastenders baby named after Charli XCX
Eastenders, BBC

A truly significant moment in pop culture happened this week, when EastEnders treated us to an unexpected Charli XCX reference.

Monday’s episode (4 September) of the soap saw Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) give birth to her first child with Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day).

Fans were treated to a sweet moment as the family met the baby for the first time – but the name of the couple’s daughter took everyone by surprise.

When in hospital, Ricky spoke to Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and revealed they had named their baby Charli.

Stacey handed the baby to Ricky, before asking again what the baby’s name was.

“Her name’s Charli,” Ricky says, with Stacey responding: “Oh, after Uncle Charlie?”

Ricky then clarifies: “No, after Charli XCX.”

The moment quickly went viral and now the singer herself after it took over social media.

Charli, who has a large following in the LGBT+ community, wrote on Twitter: “Shout out my gays in the writers room!”

One fan replied to the comment by writing: “This is the most British crossover ever.”

“this is so so iconic!!!!!!” another said.

Another user commented: “Charli acknowledging this is so goddamn iconic.”

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