Chelsea Handler says she ‘screens’ casual sex partners with Covid rapid tests

Chelsea Handler says she ‘screens’ casual sex partners with Covid rapid tests

Chelsea Handler knows a thing or two about having casual sex — and how to do so safely, even amid a pandemic. While appearing as a guest on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, host Alex Cooper asked the comedian about the name of her upcoming comedy tour, “Vaccinated and Horny.”

Handler confessed that the title was inspired by pandemic-induced dry spells, but went onto admit that she was actually having casual sex amid the pandemic — her patience had simply worn too thin. That said, the former late night host did make sure to do so as safely as possible: She made all prospective partners get tested.

“I had a COVID testing kit at my house, so once I realized that this was going to go on for months, I was like, ‘Alright, I’m just going to have guys over,’” she told Cooper.

Handler found companions via exclusive dating app Raya, which requires a lengthy application process just to be admitted. It’s best known for being a hunting ground for celebrities, though Handler says she prefers not to date or hook up with other famous people. (You don’t have to be famous to be accepted; just “notable.”)

Upon finding an adequate match on Raya, Handler would invite them to her home — which is when the real application process began. From there, Handler would request her match take a rapid response COVID test, the results of which are ready in approximately 20 minutes.  But there was more than one way to fail the test.

“In that time, I would go back out on my patio and hang out with them,” Handler explained. “If they said anything annoying or mentioned their balls, I would tell them their test was positive.”

Well, that’s certainly one way to screen someone.

Earlier in the episode, Handler shared her prediction for a new virus strain that may spread this summer: Coverpes — Covid herpes. “I predict a new strain of a new STD that wet haven’t had yet. It will mainly be taking place in Florida.” She envisions “coverpes” as originating in Daytona Beach, and being immune to the vaccine.

“Coverpes” is not actually real, but “Vaccinated and Horny” is. Tickets are currently on sale.

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