Chris Evans says he doesn't care if speaking out against Trump stops people going to see his movies


Chris Evans is most famous for playing Captain America – but he’s also getting a reputation for fighting evil in the real world.

Most notably he’s been taking down former KKK leader David Duke on Twitter.

But he’s also been generally very vocal on social media about speaking out against the Trump administration, and he's not one to shy away from politics.

Obviously, talking about these sorts of things in 2017 results in a certain amount of backlash. There are always going to be people who say actors should just stick to acting, and avoid politics.

But in a new profile in Esquire, Evans has revealed how much he was urged to keep silent – but felt he had to speak up.

He says that ‘advisors’ have told him to ditch the politics, because it could stop people from going to see his movies. But some things are more important.

Look, I’m in a business where you’ve got to sell tickets. But, my God, I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror if I felt strongly about something and didn’t speak up. I think it’s about how you speak up.

We’re allowed to disagree. If I state my case and people don’t want to go see my movies as a result, I’m okay with that.

Plus he’s always preached that love is stronger than hate.

Keep up the good work, Chris.

HT: Huffington Post

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