Christian preacher yells at man in wheelchair and tells him he is 'too bitter to be healed'

Torch of Christ Ministries/YouTube

A radical Christian preacher has been criticised by citizens of Sydney, Australia, after targetting a man in a wheelchair with his rhetoric.

The US evangelist is called Philip Blair and has become notorious for his conservative rants on his YouTube channel, Torch of Christ Ministries.

In the clip, Blair is seen walking through Sydney's central business district, shouting about God at whoever will listen to him.

The shocking moment occurs when Barr approaches a florist where the man in the wheelchair is but rather than show empathy or consideration to the man he does the opposite.

Blair yells:

You’re in a wheelchair.

God can touch you but you’re too bitter to ask.

Yeah, that's really nice and considerate...

Luckily the man had a florist come to his aide and defend him against Blair.

He can't walk, alright?' You keep yelling and screaming for no reason - no one cares!

Unfortunately, this didn't deter Blair who shot back saying:

There is a reason, people are going to hell.

The florist, perhaps realising that she wasn't dealing with a rational person, replied:

That’s OK.

Blair then walks off and continues his rant further down the street and but is confronted by a tradesman who also sticks up for the man in the wheelchair.

You've just slated the man for being in the wheelchair, and you're talking about people going to hell?

Well you're going to hell for saying that about him.

Blair then tries to respond by telling the man that he loves him.

No I'm not - I'm here because I love you man.

The tradesman responds:

No you don't, you don't know me... idiot.

The moment occurs at 2 mins 30 seconds in the below video:

According to the Daily Mail, Blair has been in Australia since 27 March and has shared several videos of him preaching in public and on public transport, where he denounces evolution and abortion.

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