LGBT+ equality is like 'Nazi propaganda': Shocking footage exposes gay 'cure' therapy in UK church


An ITV News investigation revealed that gay conversion, or “gay cure”, therapy is taking place in UK churches.

During the investigation, ITV found that pastors at the Pentecostal Winners’ Chapel in Dartford claimed they could cure people of homosexuality. In secretly recorded video evidence, pastor Gbenga Samuel spins an undercover reporter around, telling him: “Let there be a release! Let the fire come upon him!” This happened shortly after the reporter disclosed he is gay.

In another clip, Samuel tells the journalist that “God can fix” him. He also warned him that society was brainwashing him into thinking being gay was okay, when in fact the gay reporter has come “under the control of Satan”.

In the most shocking footage, he compared pro-equality messages today to Nazi brainwashing techniques.

Samuel said:

During World War II, how was Hitler able to get boys to gas millions of Jews in the gas chamber?

These boys were specially trained in special school where it was played over to them, over and over, during the day and during the night, the propaganda that the Jews are the bad people, and they should be exterminated.

During the investigation, ITV News correspondent Paul Brand spent six months researching conversion therapy in the UK. Its full contents will be revealed in several reports this week. In response, the church said in a statement that it would be investigating, but denied facilitating gay conversion therapy.

Earlier this year the UK government pledged to ban the cruel practice after its LGBT+ survey revealed that thousands of people have been subjected to it in recent years.

H/T: Pink News

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