Courteney Cox had best response after Kanye West said Friends wasn't funny

Courteney Cox had best response after Kanye West said Friends wasn't funny

Courteney Cox mocks Kanye West and his track 'Heartless'

Courteney Cox

Kanye West made it very clear that he’s not a fan of Friends recently – and Courteney Cox had responded in the best way possible.

The rapper has been going through an Instagram refresh recently and put things straight on a slew of comments he made in a late-night rant, saying he didn’t write many of them.

One of the comments concerned the massively popular sitcom, which he said he didn't find funny.

While Kanye claimed that he didn’t write the previous comment, he said he “wishes” he did.

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The actress, who is known for playing Monica Geller on the show, quickly responded with a brilliant post on Instagram of her own.

Cox posted a video of herself scrolling through her phone and seeing the post as West’s Heartless play in the background.

In retaliation, Cox puts down the phone and turns off the speaker behind her.

She also spelled the rapper’s name incorrectly in the caption by writing: “I bet the old Kayne thought Friends was funny.”

It comes after West went on a late-night rant attacking his ex Kim Kardashian and plenty of others, including the likes of Hillary Clinton to the chief executive at Adidas.

The actress had no time for Kanye's commentCourteney Cox/Instagram

In the flurry of since-deleted posts shared on Thursday night, the 45-year-old rapper, who legally changed his name to Ye last year, at one point shared a photo of a fake New York Times front page with the headline story reading: “Kasper Rørsted also dead at 60”, referring to the still alive CEO of Adidas.

At another, he focused on former US secretary of state Ms Clinton and Meta CEO Mr Zuckerberg, asking if the pair were going to boot him off the platform.

“iiiiiiiiiit’s uuuuuuup. Hilary and Mark are you blocking meeee :)” the “Flashing Lights” rapper began in the thread, before asking if Mr Zuckerberg had any plans for taking him off Instagram.

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