Dad's Instagram shows the brutal reality of raising four kids
Picture: Simon Hooper/Instagram/screengrab

One child completely reliant on you for survival is tough.

Two: very tough.

Four? Yep, this is not a drill, a nightmare or a hallucination. This is your life.

Or rather, the life of Simon Hooper, whose Instagram posts about being a father to four children hovers between the admirable and the terrifying.

Fashioning a ‘baby bag’ out of your wife’s grownup bag? Fun

Finding hardened two-day-old poo in your bed because you’d been too lazy to fetch the changing mat? Terrifying.

Bath time? Fun

Bath time + teething? Not fun

Texting with your nine-year-old because you're a cool parent? Fun

Getting all your snacks stolen? You get the picture...

But while things might be tough

Painful even

You get to play 'Simon Says'

And look like a family out of a Mothercare catalogue

It's fine...right?

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