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One father has been recreating his daughter's more 'inappropriate' selfies to make a point, but has ended up winning the internet.

So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better. #dadbod #dadselfie

Therealburrmartin, also known as 49-year-old Chris Martin from Washington, had 49 followers before his comic parenting mission went viral this summer.

Now, he has almost 70,000, far outstripping his 20-year-old daughter Cassie and her 40,000.

He was quoted by the Expressas saying:

Cassie reminds me of it every chance she gets. I guess people prefer funny over pretty!

When asked how his daughter responded to the initial post, Martin told indy100: "I assume, with an eyeroll."

"She wasn't living with us at the time, but she did tell me later she couldn't believe I did it, then immediately thought, 'Yeah, I can see you doing that'."

While he's clearly nailing the comedy aspect, Martin is also trying to teach his daughter and her followers an important lesson.

I wanted to bring attention to her that they may be a little racy and I wanted to let some of the people in her comment section know her dad was watching because some of the comments, especially from boys were pretty vulgar.

She's over 18 so she could do what she wanted to a point but also, fighting with some of the commentors over the Internet would have been a crazy thing to do.

Cassie seems to have taken the message on board:

I do think a little more about which photos I post now because I know certain photos can never be erased on the internet and certain people will see it.

Cassie told CNN that her father's humour "has always been twisted in with his parenting."

I think some parents should tie in some comedy with their opinions on certain life choices their kids make, but understand your child first before doing it.

Different families have different ways to express their voices.

Martin, who now also produces a parenting podcast, tells us that the act of recreating the photos was hilarious in itself.
The one where I'm wearing the white tank top took the longest, because I would be drawing the tattoo and laughing, then I would come out of the bathroom laughing and get my wife laughing, calm down, then start laughing again which would get her laughing again.
He has been known to troll his son Austin in a similar way...
The stunt may have amused the internet, but it has also heartwarmingly brought father and daughter closer together.

Martin's wife Jani is quoted by CNN as saying: “I was really stunned by everything that happened. I'm glad it happened though because now they spend more time together.”

Their youngest daughter Taylor said: ”I think it's really funny how a dad and daughter could bond by selfies, it went insane!"

This man is the definition of Parenting Goals.

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