Danny Dyer speaks out after learning his son is an Andrew Tate fan

Danny Dyer speaks out after learning his son is an Andrew Tate fan
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British actor Danny Dyer has spoken out in horror after learning his nine-year-old son, Arty is a fan of the controversial influencer Andrew Tate.

46-year-old Dyer, best known for his role in EastEnders and movies like The Football Factory was speaking about the revelation on a new Channel 4 documentary called Danny Dyer: How To Be A Man.

Tate, who is currently awaiting trial in Romania on accusations of rape and human trafficking, became a social media sensation in 2022 after going viral on various platforms such as TikTok for his often controversial opinions on women.

Dyer has now spoken out against Tate after learning that his son had become a fan of the influencer after discovering his content on his phone.

The actor said: "Andrew Tate's loud-mouthed, anti-feminist rants have attracted him millions of followers worldwide. If there wasn't social media, there would be no Andrew Tate. I remember back in the day, I think Andrew Tate tried to be on Big Brother. So he was looking for fame, and that was his only avenue in."

Dyer added: "Now he's the most Googled man on the planet apparently, there's disciples, there's other little youngsters going, 'I like what he's doing, I'm going to do the same thing'.

"My little boy who’s nine, he's really smart, but he's got a phone now. So the other day his mum said to me, 'Oh, you know, he likes Andrew Tate', and I went, 'What?' So I went, 'You like Andrew Tate?' He went, 'Yeah, that is a top G'."

A horrified Dyer then pointed out to his son that Tate says "really f**king stupid things" which didn't seem to phase his youngster.

Dyer added: "It is flowing through every school, even here. It's integrating into young boys' souls. And that's all they need, because it's a tough time to be a boy. At school, they're behind girls at every level.

"From early years to SATs, GCSEs, A-levels, university admissions and degrees. They've got to figure out sex and relationships in the post MeToo era, and that’s a minefield. And they've got toxic alpha influences promising them empowerment, making them feel good about themselves."

The social media influencer is facing rape and human trafficking charges in Romania after he and his brother were detained alongside two women in December 2022.

Tate and his brother Tristan will be extradited to the UK to face allegations of sexual aggression after his Romanian trial proceedings have concluded, a court has ruled.

The Tate brothers face allegations of sexual aggression between 2012 and 2015. The pair “unequivocally deny” all allegations against them.

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