Dapper Laughs seems really bad at making money for homeless people

Dapper Laughs seems really bad at making money for homeless people

ITV presenter Dapper Laughs has released a Christmas album through his company Proper Moist Limited (yes, it really is called that, you can look it up on Companies House) and Sony Music.

After a less than favourable review from UsvsTh3m, Dapper took to Twitter to remind the people his hard work was all in the name of charity.

But just how accurate was that claim? A spokesperson for Sony Music told i100.co.uk that he thought Dapper meant "his profits from [the album], as it's not billed a charity album".

Homeless charity Shelter meanwhile says it will not be accepting any donations from Dapper Laughs for reasons that UsvsTh3m point out. The site also did the maths, pointing out that listening to 10,000 of the album's songs on Spotify would, it claims, raise the princely sum of £40.

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Britain, 2014

i100.co.uk has put a call in with Dapper Laughs's press team to find out more. In the meantime, here is how Grace Dent described him in a review of his ITV 2 show.

Dapper is everywhere. He’s that lad in any group of lads you might run into in a bar who takes “banter” to “creepily offensive”. He’s funny if he’s not picking on you though.

He’s that lad who lads think are really funny, until the years pass and they have a daughter of their own and suddenly they think, “Oh my God I have brought a little girl into a world where looking for ‘consent’ before sex is thought of as chivalrous.” He’s the sort of lad that former lads’ mag editors have long nights of the soul over. “I aided and abetted that predatory dickhead,” they think.

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