Dave Grohl is awesome, and here's the video footage to prove it

In what has been a bumperweek of musicians being awesome, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl has made one of the band's fans very happy indeed.

Between songs at a gig in Sydney, the singer spotted a man holding a t-shirt in the front row bearing the slogan "Drumstick for a blind guy please?".

Turning to drummer Taylor Hawkins, the front man said "hey give me your drumstick", and thus fulfilled the fan's wish.

Meanwhile, over in Washington DC, Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine made self-confessed superfan Christopher Warner's dream come true.

After a video made by the 10-year-old, who has Down's Syndrome, went viral, he got the surprise of his life as he was invited to one of the band's gigs and was able to spend time with Levine backstage.

As Billboard reports, when Warner saw the band he suffered from an anxiety attack and lay down on the floor. Without hesitation however, Levine and his bandmates decided the best thing to do would be for everyone else to get on the floor too.

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