A deaf baby who has been granted the miracle of hearing has become a viral sensation thanks to his adorable reaction.

Alex Denman, who is just five-months-old, was born deaf, but after being fitted with a cochlear implant he was able to hear his mother's voice for the first time.

A video shared by Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool shows baby Alex overcome with joy after hearing his mother, Jen say, "Hello, it's mummy".

The video, which has been retweeted more than 9,000 times became an online hit after Jen and Alex appeared on Thursday's episode of This Morning.

Jen explained that just days after Alex was born he underwent a routine hearing test for a newborn but results, unfortunately, came back as 'no clear response'.

She and her partner, Paul Sang were told Alex would have to undergo further tests and was later diagnosed as having sensorineural hearing loss.

After having a further MRI scan, Alex was fitted with a hearing aid, while his parents are learning baby sign language.

Speaking on This Morning, Jen said:

The earlier you start it [sign language], the easier.

Every time we say milk, mummy, daddy and brother we use sign language.

Reactions to the video on Twitter have been nothing but positive and full of love and admiration for Alex.

HT Daily Mail

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