New video shows DMX performing for inmates during 2018 jail term for tax fraud

New video shows DMX performing for inmates during 2018 jail term for tax fraud

New footage has emerged of the late rapper DMX performing for his fellow prison inmates in 2018.

The video was taken and shared with the Daily Mailby a fellow prisoner while they were serving time together at The Metropolitan Correctional Centre in New York - DMX, real name Earl Simmons, was behind bars for tax fraud.

In the video, he is seen rapping to a seated group of spectators.

The video’s source, who requested to be anonymous, said DMX was obliging requests to rap before he got transferred to another prison.

“We were talking to each other right before he left. Someone asked if he could rap for us.

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“I had a cell phone and I recorded it as he was doing it.”

The inmate also said that DMX was well-liked among the prison population.

“He was regular, considering the circumstances.” He said, “He got along with swell with the other inmates”

Apparently, they did not shy away from asking him about life in Hollywood and that his rapping was not a one-off event.

“It was what he loved to do. If someone asked him to do it, he would do it.” he said, saying to the Mail that he had grown up listening to DMX, who rose up the ranks at the same time as Jay-Z and Ja Rue

DMX passed away on April 9 after suffering a reported drug overdose and cardiac arrest at his home in White Plains, New York.

His family issued the following statement, “We are deeply saddened to announce today that our loved one, DMX, birth name of Earl Simmons, passed away at 50 years old.”

The source was also saddened to hear about his passing, saying “I felt bad, I grew up listening to him so it felt like a big deal.”

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