This dog waited a month for the owners that abandoned him. Then there was a happy ending

When Boo’s owners left, he thought they'd return to collect him.

However, after a month of waiting on the family’s mattress (which had been dumped outside with other belongings they did not want) it was clear that the black and white dog was abandoned.

A concerned neighbour alerted Mike Diesel, of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue, who quickly drove down to the suburb to rescue the dog.

It wasn’t easy, and the dog refused to move from his former owner’s belongings, because it smelled like them.

That didn’t stop Diesel, and over the course of two days he visited Boo several times in order to gain his trust.

He told BuzzFeed:

I think he was waiting for his family to come back and get him.

After a McDonald’s breakfast, Boo trusted Diesel enough to put a leash on him, and the pair sat by the car for an hour.

We just had a conversation, me and Boo. I told him how this is going to go, how he’ll never be hurt again.

Boo was taken to the vet, where he began treatment for second stage heartworm. Often, animals are abandoned when they get ill, as their owners can't take care of their medical needs.

Boo will be treated for six months, after which point he will be put up for adoption.

Diesel's Facebook post was shared thousands of times, and he's already had a number of offers.

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