This man on LSD saved a dog from an imaginary fire


A man allegedly high on LSD broke into his neighbour's house to rescue their dog from a fire.

Michael Orchard, 43, was found standing in front of what he thought was a blazing inferno, holding the dog in his arms like a hero.

But unfortunately, there was no fire. It seems the fire was only in his head.

Police told WNYT that he admitted to having mixed LSD with cough medicine.

He believed the residence was on fire. And he was rescuing the dog.

- Trooper Mark Cepiel, Troop G spokesperson.

His neighbours, in Inglewood Drive, Halfmoon, New York, say that he was roaming the neighbourhood, banging on doors for help.

Nobody would help him, however, due to the aforementioned non-existence of the fire.

So like an animal-loving, tripping hero, he allegedly drove his car through the fence, smashed through the back door and rescued the dog.

Unfortunately, he's been charged with second degree burglary and third degree criminal mischief.

But if a man risks dying in a fire to save a dog, and the fire exists only in his head, is he any less of a hero?

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