'The Rock' says he backs 'Prime Minister Johnson'

'The Rock' says he backs 'Prime Minister Johnson'
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson confirms running for president is 'off the table'
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The political situation in the UK is so dire that even high-profile actors from across the pond have been weighing in on what they would do.

One such voice was the actor and former wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who appeared to suggest that he himself could do a better job as Prime Minister Johnson.

Speaking in an interview with On Demand Entertainment to promote his new film Black Adam, The Rock said he backed the idea of “Prime Minister Johnson” and clarified that he meant himself, not the former PM Boris Johnson.

The host, Melissa Nathoo, asked The Rock: “Listen, I know there’s always so much chat about your running for President, but can you just come and be our Prime Minister instead because we could really use you over here?”

The Rock responded: “Prime Minster Johnson – the other Johnson!”

Nathoo then replied, “We’ve already had one of those,” and clarified he’d be, “the good Johnson”.

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Dwayne Johnson Will Be UK's New Prime Minister!www.youtube.com

Finally, The Rock suggested he’d be known as “Prime Minister Rock” instead to avoid confusion.

With all that’s been going on in Westminister, some might suggest the movie star would do as good a job as any Prime Ministers have done in recent times.

As Liz Truss’s recent mini-budget almost collapsed the economy, the actor’s comments come amid a seemingly neverending precession of Tory party crises – so many so that a clarifying statement was recently added to the Wikipedia page for the 2022 UK government crisis to specify which one it was referring to.

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