Floyd Mayweather hands out $100 bills to kids at basketball game

Floyd Mayweather hands out $100 bills to kids at basketball game
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It feels like Christmas came around a second time as Floyd Mayweather generously handed out $100 bills to children outside of a Los Angeles Lakers game on Tuesday.

"It's all about giving back. We got people here [who are] going to ask for autographs and [sell them] online to make money. But I'm all about giving back to the kids," Mayweather said in a video as he begins handing out the large bills to the kids outside of the Crypto.com Arena.

"The kids out [are] out here selling candy. They ain't doing nothing wrong."

As the kids began to walk away, Mayweather let them know that anytime he comes to a game to "come get $100" from him.

The former boxer easily gave the young entrepreneurs $400 to $500 without taking any candy in return.

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The video, which was published on the TMZ Sports YouTube channel, received many comments from people showing their appreciation for Mayweather's generosity.

"Say what You want, But, $Mayweather is very giving! May God Keep Blessing Him & His Family & Business!" one wrote.

"And what I like the most is he is inspiring his people and helping his people," another added.

A third simply wrote: "Real s***."

This isn't the only time Mayweather decided to give back to people.

In April 2020, he said he would be donating money to the people affected by the pandemic, and he abstained from revealing the amount.

"I'm here to help this world become a better place. "With everything going on, I'm going to continue to do my part," Mayweather said.

In March 2020, his uncle Roger Mayweather (a boxing trainer) and Josie Harris (who has three kids with Floyd) passed away days apart from each other.

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