22 of the best memes and reactions to the Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight

22 of the best memes and reactions to the Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight

Sunday night saw perhaps one of the most unusual sporting events ever as undefeated, former world champion and one of the best boxers ever Floyd Mayweather Jr took on YouTuberLogan Paul.

In what many will be calling an upset, Paul, despite his limited experience in the ring, managed to go the distance against Mayweather and lasted all eight rounds until the final bell.

The exhibition fight was no quite the spectacle that many had hoped with Mayweather landing just 43 punches, compared to Paul’s 28, as neither man could really commit to opening up and leaving themselves vulnerable.

The bout ended in boos from the audience who were perhaps hoping to see Mayweather take Paul to town and knockout the controversial YouTuber, who has recently made the jump to boxing.

Regardless it was impressive from Paul’s perspective even if there was a lot of ‘hugging’ involved.

Even before the fight, the pair had the internet talking for their walk-on attire with Mayweather sporting an Only Fans baseball cap while Paul had a rare Charizard Pokemon card around his neck.

Yes, there were plenty of memes from people who were unhappy with the fight.

Yes, that last one is from LeBron James.

Paul’s fellow YouTuber, KSI who he had twice fought in boxing matches, winning both, joked that he was now the ‘best boxer in the world.’

WWE wrestler Sami Zayn, who had previously been aligned with Paul on television, also suggested that he had some part to play in the YouTuber’s success.

Whether we’ll see Paul get into the ring with the likes of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua or even Mayweather again remains to be seen but he certainly proved a lot of doubters wrong on Sunday evening.

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