Lakers star responds after rival team trolled him every time he missed a shot

Lakers star responds after rival team trolled him every time he missed a shot

Los Angeles Lakers player Russell Westbrook was repeatedly trolled by the opposing team during a match this week - and he didn’t take it lying down.

Westbrook has been in a bit of a slump recently, and during Wednesday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings, the point guard was mocked every time he missed a shot.

Whenever Westbrook missed, the home team trolled him by playing "Cold As Ice" by Foreigner.

The result makes for a funny compilation video of the song repeatedly being played by the Golden 1 Center arena’s DJ.

"You're as coooooold as ice" reverberated the song. Ouch.

Watch the moment below:

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Clearly, that’s not exactly the best display of sportsmanship, and while the Lakers lost the game 125-116, Sacramento Kings notably haven’t made the playoffs since 2006.

Luckily, Westbrook hit back with a hilarious response when asked about the event.

“That’s funny,” he said, seemingly unaware that the song was being played during the game. “I hope they played that the last 14 years too. That’s funny. That’s cute.”

While it was all fun and games to the Lakers’ opposing team.

The NBA has instructed the Kings' arena staff to no longer play the clip going forward, according to a source from ABC10's Sean Cunningham.

Sports fans reacted to the troll incident with mixed feelings on Twitter.

“My man Russ took it well. He’s in a slump but I know he’ll come out of it. I guess everyone will have their fun til then,” wrote a fan of the player.

Another said, “Real talk that’s gotta be so demoralizing if you’re not a vet or something. Surprised more teams don’t do this.”

“That was elite-level trolling. Not sure I’ve ever seen an officially planned ploy to mock a star player. And that’s why there’s nothing like the NBA,” read one tweet.

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