Gay couple become viral stars after taking perfect stance against anti-LGBT protesters

Chester Pride/Facebook

A gay couple in Chester has become a viral hit and have received tons of support after they shared a kiss in front of anti-LGBT protestors.

The couple of Joe Fergus and Robert Brookes, had just been to see a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the city's Storyhouse Theatre.

However, when they emerged a small group of churchgoers has assembled opposite the theatre brandishing placards with bible quotes and verses.

Rather than ignoring the protestors, Fergus and Brookes took a stand and kissed directly opposite them and reportedly earned a round of applause from onlookers.

The image was then shared on Facebook, where he was eventually reposted by the Chester Pride page, where it has now be shared more than 300 times.

The image which was shared on Wednesday complete with the hashtag #SpreadLOVENotHate and people are delighted that they stood up to the protestors in their own unique way.

Speaking to Pink News Fergus revealed that the picketers had also been at the theatre on the previous night and that their reappearance had prompted him and his other half to take action.

While having a drink prior to the show, I laughed and said to Rob: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t acknowledge them at all and just kissed?

When we arrived, there was lots of shouting between the protesters and audience members waiting outside the theatre.

The problem with that is you can’t fight hate with hate, which is why we decided to spread some love.

We wanted to stand up for our rights and our community and I strongly encourage others to do the same.

I respect everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, I am also entitled to kiss my boyfriend wherever I want without judgment, and that’s what we are fighting for.

The theatre itself has also taken a stand against the protestors, confirming their support for LGBT+ communities and that they operate a safe space environment.

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