Gigi Hadid facing huge backlash over 'racist video' as she heads to China

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American super model Gigi Hadid has been told that she is 'not welcome' in China after being accused of racism.

Hadid recently confirmed that she would be appearing at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in the Chinese city of Shanghai in November.

She followed the announcement up by posting a video on Instagram thanking her friends for the opportunity.

However, a controversial video of Hadid, initially shared in February, has resurfaced and many people are accusing her of racism.

The 22-year-old, who is currently dating Zayn Malik, appears to be holding up a Buddha and many believe she is mimicking the face and eyes of the enlightened one.

The footage was uploaded by Hadid's sister Bella in February and has since been deleted, but copies of it have been circulating ever since.

When the video first appeared online it was a bit of a disaster for Hadid, who was on the front cover of Vogue China at the time.

Since then her Twitter and Instagram feeds have been littered with people branding her a racist, sending her snake and chicken emojis, and telling her she will "not be welcome" in China.

This isn't the first time that Hadid has been accused of racism.

Last November, during the American Music Awards, she performed a controversial impression of Melania Trump, mocking her accent.

The impression was not received well at the time, which lead to Hadid writing an apology and posting in on Twitter.

indy100 has contacted Hadid's representatives and Victoria's Secret for comment.

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