Girl perfectly shuts down troll who says she's forced to wear a hijab


Most arguments can be actively avoided by not mentioning Donald Trump. That's a given.

The easiest way to turn a pleasant chat into a heated discussion or even argument is to bring up US politics (or any politics) after all.

Unfortunately for Lamyaa from Pennsylvania, one of her group chats started discussing Trump.

She told BuzzFeed:

I personally had very strong views [on Trump] considering the presidency did impact me because I am an Arab, Muslim woman.

After criticising Trump’s views on Islam, one person in the group wrote, “stop defending Islam,” and, “you could take that scarf off or your dad would beat your ass”.

So Lamyaa send a text to her Dad, who lives in Saudi Arabia.

She told him: "I was thinking I want to take my hijab off".

She told the BBC:

It was never part of the plan. I just wanted to prove a point.

And her dad replied:

Sweetheart that’s not my decision to make, that’s no man’s decision to make. If it’s what you feel like you want to do, go ahead. I’ll support you no matter what

Picture:Picture: Twitter/@Lxmyaa

She screengrabbed the conversation with her dad and shared on Twitter, where her post went viral.

Lamyaa told the BBC:

When I saw how sweet my dad's response was I felt that this proved something; it proved that misconceptions are often made about people who end up being the exact opposite.

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