No-one knows what's Gove-ing on in this photo

Sunday Times/Twitter/Screengrab

Michael Gove was interviewed by political editor Tim Shipman in today's Sunday Times.

Its his first print interview since "being called back from exile" as Shipman, called it.

The article has received a lot of praise, but people are also talking about the interesting image choice accompanying the article.

Picture: Picture: Sunday Times

The photo appears to have Gove midway through getting up or sitting down with a very shocked expression on his face.

The caption reads:

Michael Gove says one of the lessons he has learnt in politics is that prediction a mug's game.

Twitter is split between finding it hilarious and terrifying.

While it appears to have ruined lots of people's Sundays, some are theorising as to what exactly is going on in the picture.

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