Boris Johnson welcomed Michael Gove back to government and Twitter roasted him

Andrew Parsons - Pool/Getty Images

Micheal Gove made a comeback to the front bench last night.

Following the snap election which resulted in a hung parliament, Theresa May reshuffled her cabinet and Michael Gove is the new Environment Secretary.

Boris Johnson, who kept his job as Foreign Secretary, took the opportunity to make a bit of a rubbish pun about his frenemy.

Boris is known for having an expansive vocabulary, so this really is a poor show.

And Twitter let him know.

Nick Frost, of Shaun of the Dead fame said it was a "brilliant joke".

Some just tweeted GIFs of Gove.

Or Penguins.

Even the BBC got involved.

Some people still aren't over the Tory leadership race.

This guy may have been hoping for a job.

There were other pun suggestions too.

Some people objected to the use of "talent".

Gove himself, has had an interesting time on Twitter lately, using an interesting vernacular during the election debates.

It's not clear if this is a new Tory strategy or just a bit of fun, or maybe they're just trying to emulate Ed Miliband.

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