Weddings can be unbelievably stressful, particularly when it comes to the matter of paying for the big day.

In today’s Insta-era, weddings don’t just have to be enjoyable, but there's pressure for them to be "grammable" too.

Recently a man took to Reddit to share his anxieties ahead of the big day. But with the guestlist growing and the budget going through the roof, an awkward conversation followed.

Writing on Reddit, the man described how the conversation began.

So my fiancé (30F) and I (33M) have been engaged now for a couple months. We haven’t talked too much about the wedding and all but tonight she brought up our wedding party.

I was excited to talk about this because I have many close male friends and a brother. I told her I wanted my 4 childhood friends, my best friend from college and my brother to be my best man.

So far, this all seems normal. But then...

She told me this was way too many people. She had always wanted a small wedding party of 3 each.

She wanted to be able to buy kind of expensive gifts for each person we asked to be in the party and she said that having 12 people to buy gifts for was way too much.

Not quite understanding the problem, the groom-to-be offered potential solutions to the issue.

I told her we could easily afford the gifts she had in mind for 12 people because we both do very well and both had large savings that we would be using for the wedding. This sent her into tears.

She got very upset about this and asked me what she was suppose to do, ask strangers to be in her bridal party?

It turns out that his fiancee was actually nervous because she doesn’t have six female friends to be her bridesmaid.

You see my wife does not have a lot of female friends. She planned her bridal party to be her best friend (only female friend) and her stepsister and her first cousin.

I felt bad this was upsetting her so badly but I always thought that it was obvious I was going to need these people in my wedding party.

We argued a little bit until she sarcastically apologised for not having enough friends for me. She went to our room and locked the door still crying and refuses to answer me or open up.


I don’t think I’ve really done anything wrong but when I called my brother and told him he said I was being ass.

He told me she was obviously very self-conscious about her lack of friends and it was hurting her feelings.

I told him I didn’t want to hurt any of my friends' feelings by picking between them and he told me didn’t know what to tell me.

The post concludes with the man asking if he’s in the wrong for not wanting to cut his wedding party in half.

Who’s going to tell him?

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