Harry Styles called out for 'leaving small tip' for $70 meal

Harry Styles called out for 'leaving small tip' for $70 meal
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Harry Styles fans have jumped to the star's defence after a receipt from 2015 surfaced on TikTok.

A viral clip shared on the platform showed a receipt alongside a photo of Styles with the owner, which appears to be on display at the restaurant.

The bill totalled $72.50, and Styles seemingly left a $5 tip.

"The math aint mathing," the caption read.

The brief clip has since racked up over a million views and hundreds more comments from diehard fans.

"He definitely didn’t understand the tipping culture cos bro is from BRITAIN calm down yall," one said, while another eagle-eyed viewer wrote: "Plus it says server: cashier and guests: 1 so he could’ve been doing takeout and you don’t get served when doing takeout."

"Yeah, I don’t leave a tip when it's pickup/takeout. he did more than me," another joked.

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "This was 9 years ago why does this even matter."


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One fan recalled, "That’s the man who left a 2020 tip just cause it was New Year's" – and they were right.

To celebrate New Year 2020, Styles visited Anguilla with James Corrden and Adele.

Later, a stunned employee turned to Instagram with a photo of the bill with a $2020 tip.

"Big ups to @harrystyles for taking care of Mr Big Life!" they wrote. "Happy new year! @donniewahlberg you got the second worldwide response from Harry Styles all the way from St Thomas Virgin Islands with @j_corden and @adele."

They went on to share a string of snaps with the celebs, writing: "Great night with great peeps @j_corden @harrystyles! Salud!"

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