He shoots, he scores: Jon Stewart brilliantly takes down Fifa

This week we reminded ourselves of the time John Oliver comprehensively skewered Fifa, on the eve of the 2014 World Cup. Now his former collaborator Jon Stewart has gotten in on the act.

On last night's The Daily Show, Stewart laid into the corruption scandal at Fifa that has seen two separate investigations launched and high-ranking officials arrested.

Putting the alleged 24-year corruption scheme in context, he said "this Fifa corruption started a Jennifer Lawrence ago".

On Fifa president Sepp Blatter's insistence that the 2018 and 2022 World Cups would stay with Russia and Qatar, Stewart said:

Look, if there's one thing we pride ourselves on at Fifa, it's that when we get bribed, we stay bribed. It's a little something called integrity.

He added:

You know you're corrupt when the indictment ends with 'and so on'.

Watch the full segment below:

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