Howard Stern has just one question for conservatives boycotting Bud Light

Howard Stern has just one question for conservatives boycotting Bud Light
Howard Stern Defends Dylan Mulvaney Amidst Backlash

For the past few days, conservatives have been freaking out over Bud Light, and sticking it to parent company Anheuser-Busch by, er, buying loads of it to destroy for social media clout.

The boycott trend was sparked last week after the brand collaborated with the trans activist and actress Dylan Mulvaney.

In response, many conservatives and those on the right wing proclaimed they were boycotting the beer in the future, prompting some hilarious mockery online.

Representative Dan Crenshaw's attempt to join in blew up in his face, after he filmed the inside of his fridge and assured online viewers there was no Bud Light in there. Just one problem: there were a bunch of other beer brands owned by AB on the shelves.

But perhaps the most embarrassing response came from Kid Rock. The singer was less-than-impressed by the bespoke packaging celebrating Mulvaney, and filmed himself shooting down the cans in his garden along with some stern words.

"Grandpa is feeling a little frisky today," he says to the camera, before aiming the gun. "F*** Bud Light and f*** Anheuser-Busch. Have a terrific day."

None of this sat well with shock jock radio host Howard Stern, who - during his SirusXM show on Monday - spoke out.

“I thought there must be a piece of the story that I’m missing,” Stern said.

“I’m not bothered by gay people or transsexual people. They don’t impact my life, they don’t hurt my life. I love when people are in love. You wanna be a woman? Be a woman. You wanna be a dude, be a dude. Be whatever you f***ing want.”

“As long as you ain’t hurting anybody, I’m on your team,” he added.

“I wish I could call Kid Rock and have him come on the show and just tell me ‘Why are you so upset about this? How is this hurtful?’ I don’t know why he got so upset.

“Kid Rock, I know him. He’s got a great life. He transitioned from some kid in Michigan to a rock superstar! I’m really dumbfounded by why someone would care so much that they would blow up a can of Bud Light and say, ‘F*** Anheuser-Busch.’ I don’t get it."

In response to this whole manufactured controversy, Mulvaney has spoken out in the form of a song. On TikTok she shared their rendition of 'No One is Alone' from the musical Into The Woods. In the caption for the video she wrote: "It’s hard to see the light now, just don’t let it go… this song felt fitting for the week I’ve been having. All is well! Cheers."

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