Conservatives boycotting Budweiser mocked for throwing out beer they've already brought

Conservatives boycotting Budweiser mocked for throwing out beer they've already brought
Dylan Mulvaney announces 'March Madness' brand partnership with Bud Light

Conservatives are being mercilessly mocked for boycotting Budweiser beer after the company supported trans activist and actress Dylan Mulvaney.

The incident began when TikTok star Mulvaney shared an Instagram post of a collaboration with Bud Light in which she shared that the company had sent her a can with an image of her on it.

The innocuous post was enough to rile Conservatives who vowed to boycott the brand because they were partnering with an influencer who just so happens to be transgender.

52-year-old music star Kid Rock responded by posting a video on Twitter in which he fired a gun at some boxes of Bud Light. He added: “F**k Bud Light and f**k Anheuser-Busch [parent company].”

Over on TikTok, people had some thoughts on the Conservative’s alleged boycott. One person pointed out that those throwing out their existing Bud Lights are having no impact whatsoever because the company already has their money.

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Another person urged those throwing it out to send it to him so he and his friend can drink them. In the background, a song with the lyrics, “real American heroes” played.


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Others showed their hypocrisy by highlighting how other brands some were using, such as Chevrolet and Ford, have been supporting the LGBTQ+ community for years.


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Mulvaney herself appears to have commented on the bizarre backlash, sharing in a TikTok video that “there’s been a lot going on” and explaining she had been feeling “a little down”.

She added that it was only until a garbage truck pulled over and said hello to her, giving her “the courage to keep going”.

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